Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sad Face:(

So i been pretty sad today because i'm still waiting on all my acrylic stuff to come in which is why all my pics are with my natural nails. normally i let them grow out but last time i cut myself with my nails because they are thin. This is why i love acrylic and since i learned how to do acrylic on my nails i been very excited about it. So i bout a lot of acrylic supplies online because #1-its wayyyy cheaper than going to Sally's (even though i ADORE sallys), #2 i dont have to worry about them running out of supply. For some reason the Sally's here runs out of something when i go and when i go shopping i want to get everything right then in there to save a trip:).

I haven't checked the mail box today because its too early too so i sit here with anxiety as i wait. Longer nails means more possibilities for nail designs.......:(

So now i just checkout websites of my favorite people til i have to go.....acrylic nails:( i miss you.
-Liz :(

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