Thursday, May 23, 2013

hey guys!!!

So if you haven't noticed i haven't been posting anything this week....well lets just say its been a horrible crazy week.

Earlier this week i reserved horrible news from school and its just been an emotional roller coaster.

Currently I'm going to be looking for another school and a change in my major. I realize that i lost motivation for what i was doing...which is a true bummer. BUT i realized everything i was doing was to please others and i came to a realization that i need to do things for myself and myself only no matter what others think.

Even though i was proud of myself for making it to a University, i found the University i chose was not the right choice for me. I mean i don't know why i didn't think about it before but the students that attend it are just party go-ers and are lazy. basically they are just there for the college life while i myself just want to finish school.

I love politics and the whole process but i just feel like doing something else.

So ya i kinda had a mental break down this week and the only reason i was able to write this was because of my faith and my boyfriend. He helps me realize that what comes first is my religion and how God always has a plan and that he never gives us more than what we can handle.

I know God has a plan for me. I stay too emotional because i know i got to get back up and fight for what i want in life and i just have to remember that God and my family/ friends, will be there to  support me in any decision i choose.

So next week i will be going to look at a medical school for Dentistry and also looking at their Occupational Therapy program. I have also questioned these fields but i had also knocked myself down thinking "i could never do that because i suck at science". Truth is, if you have a passion for something, never say i can't just try or just do it.

So we will see, I'll keep you updated.

But that's why i haven't posted anything. I have post pictures ready but haven't done any editing. But tomorrow i will be starting the editing for the weekend to have them up for next week. I do apologize for this week of absence but i hope you will all understand.

Well until next week friends have an Amazing weekend be safe this Memorial Weekend don't get to crazy!!

But lots of love to you guys!!
<3 Liz

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