Wednesday, December 19, 2012

SNOW!!! finally!

Wow guys! Life has been busy. I been trying to make time for my post but that's not working too well. But I'm finally done with the First semester of my University journey!! I didn't do to well, granted one of my classes was taught by a complete idiot....i should have dropped it and took it this next semester but oh fall works to.

So there is finally snow up north of Arizona means for me it is colder meaning, finally feels like Christmas!! Hot Cocoa and warm coffee drinks from Starbucks Galore!!! I Love it so i decided to have a snow inspired Mani for you all so here are the pics!!!

So i cleaned up my Mani but I'm sure i messed some up a bit close to my cuticles so i apologize :).

I used: Ulta  "Envy" with Spoiled "Shaken snow globe", and Markwins "Rubyish" with Orly "Shining Star"

Close up of Orly "shining Star"

Spoiled "Shaken snow globe" close up!

So if you have snow near may send it to me! Ha Ha Just kidding!! But i would love to see pics! ha ha Anyways i want to try to get some more post out before Christmas because i will be going home Christmas Eve so i probably wont be able to post much....NEED FAMILY TIME!! ha hah

Anyways!! have a great day and be safe out there while doing your Christmas Shopping!!

Til Next Time!!
Liz <3