Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Parents Should have had all girls!!!

Hey guys,
So this post holds no Nails:(. I wish it did but not today. I'm going to try to finish them tmr but gosh the way this week has been idk. So if you care to read do but if you dont care its ok i wont be but hurt if you ignore this. It may just be a rant i guess.
So i am the only girl out of two brothers. One being my twin. My twin and me are the youngest. My brother who is 29 is the oldest and we lost a sister when she was one and she is the 2nd to oldest. Im 21, as well as my twin, and we are the babies but being the only girl i tend to be way more mature.
My twin brother has a girfriend who is a B! i dont like her she is so rude and disrespectful and so rude to my brother but he is in "LOVE" so whatever we say he ignores us. I get yelled at today because im "Too Mean" to her........I DONT CARE!!!! you have to gain respect from me. seriously these too act like high school kids and its annoying. YOUR 21!!!! ACT YOUR AGE NOT UR SHOW SIZE!!
This girl wont say hi to me when my parents are home but when they are she acts all fake!! i sware my family has grown apart since they been dating.
My older brother just got divorced from a girl like this because he opened his eye and seen the light!. He is the smart boy. I DONT GET IT!! you would think he would leave from my older brothers marriage because he didnt like his wife either!!
But i cant do anything....My uncle told my family when my older brother was married that you have to let them live in misery before they can open their eye, then they will get out of darkness......i just wish it was now:(.

So thats the ISH i been dealing with this week......For those who kept reading im sorry for my ramble. and thank you for standing it:). im going to try to get the post done tmr.
but for now...
good night!

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