Tuesday, August 2, 2011

3 Stores, 2 Days, and 1 big haul

Boy has it been a weekend! I apologize for my extended weekend! i think i may say that weekends may be my days off from my blog. Its not that i don't want to post everyday it just makes it easy for me to catch up in my life outside of nails ;). School is going to start in two weeks for me and this semester i got a science class and i suck in science. So the more focus is what i need. So let it be known!! Weekends...Liz's Pink Nails....will be off on weekends:). Ill still respond to comments and emails and such but just not posting.
So lets get to what i have for you today. So i was going to save this but i figured i have to after Seche strike again and ruined my gorgeous Mani once more:(. I put the top coat on and it like melted my polish:( so sad so I'm going to do it again but i have to do my Pink Wed Mani for tmr. So i am showing you my haul from the weekend:).
I am part of a forum, that some of you may know, called Makeup Alley. This is a place to share nails and find things your looking for like for me nail polish i want and i can swap for and swapping for overseas polishes. I just recently started but its neat. I was reading the nail board one day and over read ladies talking about clearance polishes at Target and i had to go!! and if you guys didn't know but Ulta had their small polishes on sale for $2 bucks so i know i had to pick some up and since i was going i figured I'd stop by Target to check if mine had a clearance so this is what i got:):

The nail stickers i got to try and i was going to show them but the stickers don't cover the whole nail and i was upset by that so I'd stick to giving these to little girls because i didn't like them. but i had to try.

Then i took a picture of my Polish shelve after putting the polishes in and OMG!! its getting full!!! I'm going to have to make a new one or something because i had to put my minis i rarely use in a box. This doesn't include my next day haul......
So Sunday my older brother surprised my parents with a new sectional couch for their 32nd anniversary. With all the happiness my mom wanted to go out so we could have a good old quality time dinner without distractions so we went out. My dad needed to get a universal remote so we went to Big Lots. So i figured i don't go there a lot so i went to check out their beauty selection! and OMG!! The two polishes i got the day before i could have paid a $1 for there!! and my Art pens! $2 bucks!!!! so i got two i would use and the rest of the Sally Hansen HD collection! Check it out!
So that was my weekend. I have to get some polishes on wed but it wont be for me (Pouts) but for swapping but this will probably be my last haul for a couple of months because my chemistry books are expensive!!! Oh how i have science!! I hope i gave ya guys some great shopping sale advise:). So til tmr:) Later Friends!
PS: Lola says hi from under my pillows that were from my bed but Lola and Roxi have taken them hostage :( horrible pups. Lola is the newest to our Ninja Pack :). We call them ninjas because Roxi can steal a Cheetos puff from anyone not looking in .001 sec. Ya ridiculous. she can steal a hot dog off your plate from on top of the pillow in . 00001 sec and you would never know!! Lola is in training with Roxi because she throws farts and you would never know she did it!!! Shuts is our German Shepard and he doesn't have special abilities he is just there for good looks and intimidation:) the body guards of the assassins:). Why do i speak like this?!?! these dogs aren't normal!! they act like humans!!! but i wanted to share this rare pic of Lola because i thought she was so cute under my pillows:).

Have a great Tue guys!!!


thenailaholic said...

A) Great haul. B) Great shelf. C) What science class are you taking? I may be able to help :) Just throwing that out there!

Liz'sPinkNails said...

Im taking Chemistry 130 fundamentals of Chemistry :). and thank you thank you:)