Friday, July 1, 2011

4th of July (2011)

OMG!! so i couldn't wait to get home to do my nails for fourth or July. I told you guys earlier im going to have to wear them like this til the 4th of July but as cute as they came out im soooo ok with that:). so i ordered dotting sticks but i am still waiting for them and i was impatient because i wanted them done for tmr so i figure id try a pen so you will see in the white nails a pen marks but its because i used a pen:). And it worked perfectly. I love them!! i hope you all too.
And on a sidenote: normally i clean up my nails, sometimes i dont, but i was in a rush because in one of the pictures you can see what time it is ha ha and i work tmr and i sooo wanted to share this with you guys because tmr ill be lucky to be able to get one. So here it is:).

*Left to Right: Sally Hansen "Red(the label rubbed off...very old polish)", Wet n' Wild "French White Creme" "Bijou Blue", Sinful Colors "This is It" "Out of This World", and of course Seche Vite"). the pen in this picture was not the pen i used but i couldnt find it when it came to picture time so i just grabbed one haha. SORRY!!

*ok i did mess up a little but u cant really tell can you? lol
Thanks guys for reading hope you loved it and i cant wait to see your Fourth of July manis!! haha. Leave comments or have questions please ask away:)


thenailaholic said...

Those look really good! I can't do dot placement to save my life!

Kelly said...

So cute! I like your mani and especially the "Bijou blue" color by Wet'n wild. I'm a blue girl, lol, it's my favorite color. I really like the one you used, unfortunately I don't have this brand in France. Yes I'm French so sometimes I make grammar mistakes, so sorry :)

LizIsPink said...

@thenailaholic : wow really? i find it easy to place the hand thats making the dots on the table to keep it sturdy and just move my fingers..if that makes hands shake a lot ha.

@Kelly: WOW france!!!! ya i cant believe that you cant get what we got here and its vice versa lol. No worries you write well:)have you ever tried buying them online from stores here?

Kelly said...

No I've never tried, I think I should but the shipping charge is often expensive. When I'll save more money I'll try :)