Friday, July 1, 2011

To my Followers

So today i fail to bring a mani post. I did do my nails but i just put a acrylic on them because lately my nails have been thin and when i go to work i happen to break them so i am forced to put acrylic false nails on them to let them grow more while i try to restore them...BUT NO FEAR!!! when i get home from work im going to paint them:). I have to get ready for 4th of JULY!. and sadly i have to wear the same mani til then:( or maybe ill switch it up >:D!
ANYWAYS!! that was part of the reason i wanted to post. if you look up you will see this is to my followers:) Well it is! i want to say thank you so much! I was seriously starting to loose faith in blogger and i was thinking of cutting the cord because i have two other pages but i figured why not just do this for fun and stick with it. Then i read a blog post from a blog i follow called "
". She really gave me hope and i was more excited to post more post:) she is new to blogger just like me and she has more followers but im just happy that she gave me home and more reason to stay on blogger.
So i get on my blogger today after doing my nails and BOOM!!! i have 3 followers!!! You have no idea how excited and happy i am to have you here:). I thank you so much as well because you like what im doing here and it makes me happy.
Now i know ill probably get a couple more when others read this and if some were to be like "heeeeey im a member too n she has __ (more than 3)__ members" lol this goes for you too:). lol sorry i like to think of every possibility:).
So ya thank you guys! you all made my day and now im going to have a big smile all day:)
-<3 Liz


thenailaholic said...

I'm glad I could make your day a little brighter! Have a great weekend! :)

Kelly said...

Hi Liz!
I've just discovered your blog thanks to the Nailaholic. I'm your 4th follower, lol. I love your blog and you make me want to have one too. I'm waiting for your next post :)

LizIsPink said...

@thenailaholic you do the same:) thanks for everything:)

@Kelly YEA!!!! thanks so much! hey i think of it as sharing ideas with friends! i love nail polish i only have like three friends who are ok with polishing their nails like me other than that the rest think im crazy but they love to see my nails. i love looking at other pages and getting ideas on nails and on what polishes id love to have. you should totally make one it doesnt hurt to try. :)