Monday, April 29, 2013

What an AMAZING morning and Weekend!!! :(

Good Afternoon friends!!,

well this weekend sucks!! Finals are coming up and so the love and I have been busy with trying to get things done to find our Internet went out............WTF??!?!!?!?!

It sucked !!! Today we finally got a guy to come help us and he fixed it all and now our Internet is faster than what we are paying which is nice since we pay just for Internet meaning it is a high bill so now it seems worth paying as much as we do.


Because of this wonderful experience :(.....

All my posting i wanted to do will be held up because of it. I'm sorry for it guys but im still trying!! and also post may not be everyday this week and possibly next week just because i want to focus on finals. Almost done and ill be back for full time....of course til school starts again haha.

But i hope you guys have an amazing day friends!!!

<3 Liz

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