Monday, January 28, 2013

Another mini Haul!

Well if you remember my last haul i had gotten 3 free polishes with the purchase of $10 shipping.....well i ended up getting another one because i had two accounts on Zoya because i forgot my sign in info so i forgot all about the other one until i got the email so i ordered another three. They came later but i still got them. Now these new three are part of the new winter 2012/ 2013 collection called Ornate. I really liked the color choices for the collection because when you really think about it they are perfect colors for winter! I mean obviously they are professionals in fashion so of course they would pick the colors of the winter season but i just love the glitter. So here were my picks!!

So i believe i may have some colors very similar to the red "Blaze" but i love it. I will probably do a compare and contrast later on but i love it!! I loved the black too. The gold i had to get i been in love with the metallic lately!

These all have like a holo glitter in them as well so the pictures don't do it justice. The "Silver" glitter is actually the holo glitter....if you can picture it. lol

Well until next time ladies, i got to go do homework ha.
<3 Liz

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